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WES works with different businesses and organizations to give you volunteer opportunities. Whether you enjoy helping organizations, the elderly, assisting the homeless, giving to the less fortunate, or you just need the experience, we have an opportunity fit for you. We appreciate your support! Email to receive volunteer opportunities or to submit opportunities for our site visitors or organization members.

Volunteer Corner

Women Empowerment Society Volunteer Opportunities:


A local community center needs volunteers. Are you interested in being a volunteer youth sports coach, volunteer youth mentor for a group of girls ages 8-13, volunteer after school counselor, volunteer for after school operations? Join us Monday-Saturday, between 11am-2pm @ 365 Cleveland Ave SE Atlanta, Ga 30354. BRING YOUR ID and BRING A FRIEND! 




Spirit of Sweet Auburn Volunteer Opportunities:


Do you have what it takes to volunteer for the LARGEST OUTDOOR FESTIVALS IN THE SOUTHEAST?! If so, we have the PERFECT opportunity for you! Whether your interest is in entertainment, advertising, administration, information distribution, history and tourism, etc...we have great opportunities for any position you'd like to take on. Join us and get the experience of a lifetime. 





YoBoulevard! Volunteer Opportunities:



City Councilman Kwanza Hall has challenged us all to get involved. Join the TEDxAtlanta community in one (or both!) of the following ways:



Summer Internship Program:

A summer internship can change the course of a young person’s life. Can you offer a Boulevard teen an opportunity to get hands-on experience in the “real world?” For more information on the YO Boulevard Summer Internship Program, contact Heather Rocker.




Entrepreneurial Mentoring Program:

We can open the eyes of young people to the myriad opportunities that they can create for themselves by starting their own businesses. One-on-one mentoring on the many ways to become an entrepreneur is a profound way to make a big impact. To get involved in the YO Boulevard Entrepreneurial Mentoring Program, contact Adam Harrell.

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Visit for more information.

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