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Mission Statement

Women Empowerment Society is devoted to empowering the lines of young women and bettering the society by stripping the social, economical, and ethnic differences in our community. We are committed to lead young women to success by encouraging them, teaching them, and ultimately leading by example. We cater to molding the diamond in the rough.


*Diamond in the rough (by our means): Someone that has concealed remarkable characteristics and destined potential, but currently lacks the ultimate touches that would make them truly stand out from the masses.

-This is a metaphorical phrase that pertains to the fact that naturally existing diamonds are quite ordinary on the surface, and that their true beauty, as jewels, is merely realized as result of the cutting and polishing process.

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The purpose of the Women Empowerment Society is to enrich our community.

•As a Diamond, our purpose is to empower each other; woman to woman.
•As a Diamond, our purpose is to develop a better character and broaden our life; morally and intellectually.
•As a Diamond, our purpose is to connect with new people and develop mutually beneficial bonds with others.


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Women Empowerment Society, Inc. was founded on December 7th, 2011 by D.Ayisha Jordan. She wanted to collaborate with local women to use their collective strength to promote leadership, women’s excellence, and to build community comradery. In December of 2012, Women Empowerment Society and the Junior Diamonds program performed their first service for the community. They put together the Gift of Giving Drive where they collected clothes, toys, and perishable goods for families in need. They donated the items to the Feed The Homeless Tour in Atlanta, Ga. After the organization's establishment, Women Empowerment Society has helped to ameliorate their local societies by servicing their communities through outreach projects. Members have contributed to building their communities by creating and offering programs for the youth and adults such as Junior Diamonds and Diamonds, refined their character through practicing valuable practical skills such as organizing, collaborating, and problem-solving, and exercise necessary character qualities including but not limited to showing respect, empathy, cooperation, persistence, and citizenship.

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